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Monday, October 5, 2015

JAKS Vietnam here I come

Based on the forecast from some research and JAKS share price of RM1.12, JAKS will be trading at PE Ratio of about 5.5x which is quite attractive and also with their recurring income. Normally not paying dividend currently.


The Start Tuesday, 22 September 2015.
KUALA LUMPUR: Jaks Resources Bhd has signed a US$1.4bil financial deal between its China-based joint-venture partner, as part of its US$1.87bil coal-fired thermal power plant project in Vietnam. 

In a statement on Tuesday, Jaks said the agreement was made between China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co Ltd and its principal financiers which are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank Corporation and Export-Import Bank of China

It said that the project will be funded on an intended capital structure of about 75% debt and 25% equity.

In its EGM, Jaks received approval from shareholders to proceed with the proposed 50:50 joint venture  agreement between Jaks Power Holding Limited and China Power to invest in the project in Vietnam.

Jaks chief executive officer Andy Ang Lam Poah said with the passing of shareholders’ resolution and signing of loan agreements, the group will be able to formalise financial close for the project before the end of October 2015.

“We are also delighted to see the support from our financiers which certainly underscores the bankability of the project in Vietnam.”

He said with their financial strength and proven expertise in the power industry, Jaks is confident of the timely completion of the power plant by year 2020, Ang added.

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract 1 for the Vietnam power plant, valued at US$1.06bil was awarded to a China Power-led Consortium, whilst Jaks unit Golden Keen Holdings Limited was awarded EPC Contract 2 worth US$454.5mil for its civil and M&E engineering works.

With this EPC contract in hand, Jaks' construction orderbook has tripled to RM2.52bil.

Jaks is also primed to enjoy recurring income from power generation when the plant commences commercial operation in 2020.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

How Newbie started to make gain?

Some quick update on the Newbie portfolio. Why quick update, because I realized he starts making gain already, although unrealized gain. I better post now before his portfolio start making losses. LOL.

Some points here:
In my earlier post, I have missed out one stock “B”, and I’ve added in. Now is losing 26% for B.
Overall, now he is sitting on a 3.4% gain, about one year plus. Not all money were invested in the beginning, some are just invested. I use rough estimate, about 5.5% gain per year.

The return is low, but higher than FD.

The return is low, because he bought some oil and gas and also palm oil. Both also were badly hit. Don’t forget recently the market was down a lot due to currency, political and 1MBD issue.

As a person really have very little knowledge still can make profit while having bought palm oil and also oil and gas, and also went through market crash recently, how?

What did he do?
Invest equal sum. Each investment he invested equal sum. He avoided losing a lot from few lose-making stocks and making very little from few stocks. Of course, no doubt that he could also have missed making a lot of few stocks if he had double up his investment on these few. But the question is always “which one will be the star”. No idea.

Diversify. Know very little about stock market, buying different industry to diversify.

Stock pick? Nobody select the stock for him. He just chooses from analyst’s recommendation, using some simple criteria such as low PE, high growth, good dividend. Some of the stocks that he bought do not really fit into all these criteria, he is still learning.

He is busy/lazy, didn’t really keep up his plan of investing in every month. 13 months, only made 8 transactions.

All the best, will continue to update and see what happen after 3 to 5 years.


Forgot to post the list. As at 4th October.

Transaction Stock Cost Current $ Profit/(Loss) %
1 B 1.4500 0.940 (35.17)
2 D 2.2200 1.390 (37.39)
3 C 1.2000 1.920 60.00 (SOLD at 1.95 on 6/10/2015)
4 H 1.4000 2.480 77.14 
5 S 9.2400 8.050 (12.88)
6 I 3.3500 3.360 0.30 
7 B 2.6100 1.920 (26.44)
8 G 1.0000 0.940 (6.00)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Johore Tin Bhd

Johore Tin, Johotin stock code name, venture into dairy product. They acquired acquisition of Able Diaries, this will give them new growth in earnings. >70% of sales are exported, but mostly Asia, not sure what currently do they quote. Anyway, most currencies also better than Malaysia.

Stock price jumped up today. Too late?



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