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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is Harbour stock going to fly?

Look at the Harbour stock prices, is this stock going to fly? Early this year the share price was below RM1.40, low about RM1.35. Then from RM1.38 up 15% to RM1.59 within a day. The few days later hit RM1.63 and then the next day dropped 9% to RM1.48. Untraded for a day and hit RM1.62.

Why? Maybe got people want to buy with huge quantity? Gradually got buyer que at higher and higher bid. Is this the same group of people? Because suddenly one day all buyers at high price were gone, resulted in price dropped to RM1.48.

Or could it be someone just want to buy 100,000 shares and that's all? Past two weeks volume less than 100,000 shares. If the trades completed, then the buying will be stopped and price may drop.

This stock very illiquid. Really don't know what is happening. Maybe due to lack of buyer and seller, causing the price to fluctuate greatly.

Why am i looking at this stock? Saw one broker recommend to buy, saying Harbaour target price is RM2.20. But hard to buy because very illiquid. Maybe really have to que. Someone bought it at RM1.40 after que for few days.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HHGROUP share price

According to Kenanga, Pioneer in biomass manufacturing industry. Heng Huat (“HH”) is an integrated manufacturer of coconut and oil palm biomass & valueadded products since 2007 and currently commands the lion's market share (c.47%) in the biomass materials industry. Segmental-wise, the biggest earnings' contributor is Palm Fibre segment (62% of the group’s gross profit in FY13), followed by the Mattress & Related product (20%), Coconut Fibre (16%) and Briquette (2%).

Kenanga said.....  Trading Buy at RM0.51/share. HH is currently trading at an undemanding FY15E PER of 6.4x (vs. the FBMSmall Cap fwd PER of 9.2x). Assuming a 10% discount (as a result of its smaller market cap) to the benchmark small cap index fwd PER, we derived a fair value for HH at RM0.51, based on targeted FY15E PER of 8.2x.

They said. .. . . . HHGROUP stock has no formal divided policy but management intends to distribute 20% of its annual net profit as dividend to reward its shareholders. Based on our targeted FY14E net profit of RM10.2m, we expect the group to declare 1.0 sen as dividend, translating into 2.5% dividend yield.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Newbie Questions

As per last year post, one of my distant family member has started to invest in stock market. He is young and totally new, he knows very little on stock market. As a family member, although he is a distant family member, he asked me a lot of question. I will post what he asked me so that can provide more info to those who are new, for the purpose of sharing of knowledge and experience. All the answers are for general scenario and do not apply to extreme cases.

Newbie: I bought XXX @ RM1.20
Me: What !? Why you key-in RM1.20?

Newbie: Because I saw the seller price RM1.20.
Me: The stock for the past few weeks were trading around RM1.00 to RM1.10. Even previous closing was around RM1.10. This is because you key-in early in the morning at 9am, this stock is very illiquid and many buyer and seller not out yet. You can que lower at RM1.09, RM1.10, RM1.12 or whatever price near RM1.10. Because you don’t  follow the stock closely, you need to look at few prices before you key in, i.e. past few days prices, buyer prices and seller prices. Then you will roughly know what will be the price to be traded.

Can I que?
Sure you can.

How to know if the order is matched?
You can check your online order status.

Look for one button called “Order Status”. Different broker different system may call it differently. But look for something called order status or similar.


What happen if my order is not matched?
The order will be expired after market closed at 5pm. You can key in again.

How many times can I key-in? Is there any cost for keying in?

You can key as many times as you want, the broker will not charge you. They only charge if the order is matched. Actually you can also use Good Till Date “GTD” function. The system will que the order for you until the expiry date that you have set. Some system allow up to 2 weeks, some 30 days, etc. So you only need to key-in one time until it expire. But be careful, if there is some corporate exercise, announcement, big change in market sentiment, you need to remember you have a GTD order and may need to review it.

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